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I have never experienced more knowledgable professional people so focused on serving their customers. It's likely you have long forgotten what great customer service used to be. If so visit Ron at Everything Computers in Marietta for a trip back to the future. Unbelievable experience with a problem I had with my laptop.Fixed in less than one day with so many extra accomodations I started to feel guilty.Prices were beyond fair and competitive.I will never set foot again in the Big Box stores for computer service. You only get what you pay for but in this case you get so much more in real value. Go see them with your computer needs. You won't be disappointed.

- Bill King -Google Reviews

This is a great place to take your PC. Several years ago I did computer repair in the Marietta area. Although I no longer do PC repair, people still call me for help with their computers. I've always sent them to Everything Computers and every time heard great reviews about the speedy service, competitive prices, and friendly staff. The last person I sent there later commented "Thank you Ryan. I really like that computer place. They added stuff in a few minutes." It's because of reviews like this that I'm completely confident in sending anyone that asks to Everything Computers and I know they'll be a happy customer.

- Ryan Brents -Google Reviews

I had an amazing experience here!!! Ron knows more about computers than anyone I know (and I went to Georgia Tech!). He explains things so well and he only carries the highest quality products. Anytime I have a question about computers he is more than willing to help. You're not just buying a product; you're buying a lifetime of service!

- Ava Madigan -Google Reviews

The level of service at Everything Computers is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!

- Patrick Reese

In this day and age, it's hard to find a company you can trust. Everything Computers was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why - The quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!

- Jeff Thompson

Excellent workmanship on my computer and my daughters. Very prompt and courteous service with a very professional atmosphere. The repair was exactly what was quoted and was done in a very timely manor.

- Chris Meldy -Google Reviews

I was treated with respect and honesty from the moment I walk in till I paid. My computer runs quicker then it ever has. I feel that I paid a fair price for what I received. Thank you so much for helping me get my computer back on track. I'm now a lifetime customer.

- Jason Kelly

I first brought my computer to G**K Sq**D. After 4 days of it being there with no call, I called them and was told it would be $200 dollars to remove the viruses. Then they said to recover my data it would start at $250 dollars depending on how much and hard it was to get it. I told them no way and they charged me $70 just to pick up my computer without doing anything to it. They stated it was a mandatory diagnostic charge. I asked around and was referred to Everything Computers. I was skeptic but thought I would give it a try seeing they said they would check it for free. The technician told me it would be a total of $150 and it would run better then it ever has. Then he said it would be done within 24 hours. The next morning I got a call saying it was done and the total due was exactly what I was told in the beginning. When I got home and turned it on everything looked updated and was much faster then I could ever remember it being. Thank you for delivering on your promises with such professionalism.

- Sandra Soto

Life is so much easier when Everything Computers is involved in the equation. The knowledge, the friendliness, the customer service of the staff makes any visit much easier. I drive a distance to use Everything Computers. Their hours make commuting more possible. Thank you for all you do.

- Faith Kitchen -Google Reviews

Have tried several computer repair options in metro Atlanta and have found the guys at Everything Computers most knowledgeable and helpful. It is also refreshingly easy to understand what is needed without the overuse of technical jargon that some other places tend to use. The work is great and the prices are quite reasonable. Glad to have found such a wonderful place with convenient hours. Highly recommend for all things computer related.

- Norm Mittleider -Google Reviews

While I did not go into Everythinig Computers with a complex request by any stretch of the imagination (I only needed to replace my laptop's power cord.), the guys over there were polite, fast, and efficient. I had actually sent an email earlier, and when I told the young man what it is that I wanted, he asked if I had sent an email. I told him, yes. And he said, I was just about to respond to it (I love timely responsiveness as a consumer.). He went to the back, brought out the power cord, plugged it into my laptop to make sure that it worked (It did, of course.). He also suggested that if I were going to replace the laptop in the near-term that I probably didn't need to accrue the expense of replacing the battery. He put on his consulting hat for me in that instance. He did tell me that he would be more than happy to order a replacement battery for me, should I decide to want to do so. He also apprised me of the fact that they have affordable replacement laptops for me when I get ready to replace the one I have. I said all that to say, I'll be patronizing them again.

- Stephen Marion -Google Reviews

I have been going to this company for years and I refuse to go anywhere else! Great prices, great services, and very professional. The one thing that really sets these guys apart from larger organizations is the amount of knowledge transfer you get from speaking with their staff and owner. I have learned more about computers through their friendly staff than anywhere else. Speaking as a true information security consultant for Dell, thsee guys are my one stop shop for questions, help, and new custom computers. Top notch!!!

- William Foster -Google Reviews

Everything Computers is everything that I could want from a computer store. The staff was incredibly helpful and professional. Each and every person on staff had a wealth of knowledge about computers but was able to break down the answers to my computer questions in a way that was simple and workable for me. I mostly spoke to Ronny while I was in the store, and I was able to get a great deal on a used laptop that was completely upgraded with the latest software. He also installed a wonderful antivirus package and gave me tips on how to avoid spyware and viruses. I know that Everything Computers backs their products and their work 100%, so I am completely confident in my purchase and am looking forward to dealing with them in the future.

- Google User -Google Reviews

Love these guys! They are so professional and thorough. They came to my home to fix my desktop and when I asked questions I got honest and down-to-earth responses. Also I had to stop by for another problem and their store is convenient to WalMart so it was no problem for me. They charged less than I expected and now I am telling my friends to go here when they freak out about computer problems. I hope I don't need them again, but if I do I know to go to Everything Computers.

- Paige Holman -Google Reviews

Ron was effective and efficient! He provided great customer service. He connected four computers to three printers in an hour! His response time was excellent. The best money we ever spent. Thank you, you have our business!

- Google User -Google Reviews

Ron Fixed it! I'd hired someone else 2 years ago to fix the situation, and his fix lasted two days. Last week I decided to try these guys. Ron was able to figure out what the problem was, showed me where my house's problems are, and tested the hardware till we found the right model. I'm happy, and it only took an hour! THANK YOU.

- Google User -Google Reviews

Amazing job of helping me with my PC! Went to another PC repair store that wanted to charge me double what Everything Computers charged me for. They fixed my computer very quickly and with no hassle. Awesome employees who explained everything that had happened with my computer to me(I'm not very tech-savvy). Would recommend this business to all.

- Kudzu User -Kudzu Reviews

I recently moved to the area and took my laptop with a damaged LCD to Everything Computers. The tech that assisted me when I walked in was very nice and helpful. I had my laptop back with a new screen in just a few days. The best part was I only paid $150 for the whole repair! Thank you for your quick service and great price.

- Jose Guzman

I write to you today to thank you. I was in the middle of writing a report when my power went out. After trying to reboot my pc it would no longer go into windows. I drive by your location all the time and thought I would give you a try. I was greeted by friendly faces and smiles the moment I walked threw your doors. The Manager Ron plugged in my computer for a Free Check. He explained to me what had happened to my PC. He explained it in a way that for once I could actually understand. He said it would be 49 dollars and I would be back at home finishing my report later that day. Four hours later I got a call from a technician saying it was ready to be picked up. I brought it home and everything was back to the way it was before it went down. They even did something that somehow made everything go quicker. It is very rare now a 'days to find great customer service. You guys are one of the few I have found that still offers the classic true customer service. I thank you very much and will be sure to tell everyone I know.

- Kevin Holmes

Now a days it is rare to find a buisiness that offers both high levels of expertise and great customer sevice. Ron and his crew have shown both. Their commitment to the customer is unrivaled. They have helped my practice and have rescued my wife from "computer Hell" ! Along with their superior knowledge comes the feeling of trust that is established from the get go.My family and I will continue to support this rare buisiness. NO NEED TO CALL ANYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!

- Lee Cohen -Google Reviews

By far the best computer repair shop ive gone to. No hassles that ive had with larger computer repair places like best buy, and fantastic service

- Gerard Kelly -Google Reviews

I took a computer here and they were so trustworthy and dependable through the whole process..... truly lucky this place is only a few minutes away........ also a fun store to shop at when you wait.... great gadgets for your phones and computers....

- Tracy Moore -Google Reviews
Everything Computers is a computer repair shop offering diagnostic services, data backup services, virus and spyware removal, and more. Located in Marietta, we serve the metro Atlanta area. We have customers from Roswell, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Alpharetta, etc. Visit us today!